Windows Phone 7 Demo Apps from MIX10

If you've been searching for the Windows Phone 7 Series demo apps that were shown during the MIX10 keynote. Look no further! The Windows phone team has assembled them all in an article on their blog. Click here to see the great line up of Windows Phone 7 applications that let you do more with your phone. See the cross-platform capabilities developed in the new app by Seesmic, a Silverlight partner.

Stay connected with friends when you're out and about, using the new Windows Phone 7 app from FourSquare. Or track your favorite soccer teams in real-time using the app from Major League Soccer. Get movie recommendations and information on new releases from Netflix. Stay informed with a panoramic user experience from the Associated Press that lets you select the news sources you prefer. Play "GooSplat" from XNA Game Studio - or read comic books using DeepZoom and the new app from

Check back frequently to hear more about Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 apps!

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