New Seesmic applications on Silverlight 4 and on Windows Phone

A few months ago, at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, in Ray Ozzie's keynote, Seesmic introduced a preview release of its Twitter application on Windows (Seesmic for Windows). clip_image002_thumb

Seesmic has a very active community and got a lot of feedback. Users loved the great experience and wanted to access more social network services from the application. Seesmic also received hundreds of requests from developers who want to integrate their services into the Seesmic clients.

Seesmic Desktop on Silverlight

Seesmic is announcing today a new client application running on Silverlight 4 (Out-Of-Browser) that provides a developer plug-in platform. Seesmic was able to re-use a lot of its Windows application code. clip_image00210_thumbThis plug-in platform allows developers to integrate services directly into the application. In fact, all the services pre-loaded in the application, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing Twitter Maps or image services TweetPhoto, are all plug-ins.

The Bing Maps plug-in allows users to see geo-located tweets on a map inside the application.

Developers interested in creating a social plug-in can sign up on to be notified when it becomes available.

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 Series

Seesmic’s vision is to provide its social client on broad range of platforms and devices. It is already available on several phones but developing a new application for each platform requires a lot of resources from the startup.


Seesmic demonstrated today its application on Windows Phone 7 Series. It integrates services such as a Bing Maps and its geo-location features and takes advantage of the Windows Phone rich user experience. And since the platform on Windows Phone 7 Series is Silverlight, Seesmic was able to re-use a lot of code of its desktop application, which made the development easier and cheaper than on the other phones.

Great job Seesmic! You can sign up for Team Seesmic now on to be notified when the desktop application on Silverlight become available (it will be soon after the Silverlight 4 release). If you are at MIX in Las Vegas and want to learn more about the plug-in platform, you can also attend the meetup for developers that Seesmic will be running on Tuesday 3/16 at 5:00pm (Tradewinds AB in North convention center (downstairs from MIX))

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