Start preparing for the Silverlight Pivot control now

At MIX10 we just announced that Pivot, a new data visualization technology first demonstrated at PDC by Live Labs, is coming to Silverlight as a control this summer. Pivot enables users to see thousands of items at once and explore the relationships that connect them. It’s a great way to present large amounts of information on your site for simple yet powerful exploration by your viewers. Pivot displays “Collections” of information leveraging the Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight 4.

The control won’t be available until this summer, but you can begin prototyping your collections now using the Live Labs Pivot application which will allow you to experiment with your content and the potential applications of the Pivot control on your site.

Here are some great places to get started:

1) Learn more about the Silverlight Pivot control

2) Download the Live Labs Pivot application

3) Read an overview of how to create collections

4) Discover how to design collection assets

5) Join the community discussion about Pivot

6) Watch a video about the Live Labs Pivot experiment

We will continue to post more information over the coming months about the Silverlight Pivot control so check back for updates. In the mean-time have fun prototyping your collections. We look forward to seeing the Pivot control embedded on your website this summer!

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