Digital Rapids New 3.2 Upgrade Reaches New Heights in IIS Smooth Streaming Performance

Digital Rapids – a leading provider of tools and solutions for bringing television, film and web content to wider audiences – has unveiled a powerful new version of the Stream software for the company’s award-winning StreamZ™, StreamZHD™ and DRC-Stream™ encoding and live streaming systems, with significant enhancements for IIS Smooth Streaming.

Providing adaptive bit rate delivery, IIS Smooth Streaming seamlessly switches between multiple streams at different bit rates to deliver consistent viewing experiences up to high definition quality, even under changing playback conditions. image_thumbPerformance optimizations in Stream 3.2 significantly increase the number of streams that can be simultaneously created at varying resolutions and bitrates in a single encoding system – seven or more concurrent VC-1 IIS Smooth Streaming outputs including full 1280x720 resolution on the latest StreamZHD systems, and even higher concurrent stream counts or resolutions up to 1920x1080 in the H.264 format. Support for IIS Live Smooth Streaming in the H.264 compression format complements the Stream software’s existing on-demand H.264 and live and file-based VC-1 IIS Smooth Streaming.

Stream 3.2 also incorporates Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady, content access technology for the protection of IIS Smooth Streaming media, ensuring that high-value content is used only as specified by the content owner and only by authorized users. Stream 3.2 includes direct support for a number of third-party Silverligth DRM service providers, while open Web Services access through Stream 3.2’s Silverlight DRM interface enables fast integration with additional third-party license providers, speeding time to market for new secure services.

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