Vancouver 2010 website, NOS, breaks records

NOS, Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, the Dutch public broadcaster, has published great data about their Olympic game site on the influencing marketing blog,

The following text is a translation from Dutch to English of the article from this site:

Olympic Games of Vancouver 2010 are almost done. The Dutch medal score is 6, after a successful gold medal by Sven Kramer (and yes, what a disaster on the 10 km), silver and bronze for Gerritsen and Van Riessen, the Gold for Mark Tuitert and Ireen Wüst and the bronze for Bob de Jong.

clip_image001_thumbThe team at the NOS, responsible for new media offerings, has been very busy. All systems needed to perform at maximum performance and there was no room for failures. A lot of people expected that, because of the time difference, the morning after the races would be busy. And they proved to be right.

The day after the gold medal of Sven Kramer on the 5,000 meter it was very busy on the on-demand platform. More than 337,000 unique visitors have viewed more than 760,000 videos. The 3,000 meter race for women attracted a lot of people. In total 283,000 streams where started. The day after the great race of Mark Tuitert, 1.1 million videos where viewed thru the Olympic site of the NOS. On the most popular day, after the faulty race of Sven, the site reached to 447,000 unique visitors.

In total the site realized more than 29,6 million page views. Live streams almost reached 3.8 million starts. And the other videos where requested more than 5.3 million times. Since the opening of the Olympic games more than 2.3 million unique visitors visited the special site (source: sitestat, Feb 12 -25). Most popular on demand videos are:

  1. The crash of Koemaritasjvili
  2. The 1,500 meter for men (RE:skating)
  3. The 1,500 meter for women (RE:skating)
  4. The great 1,500 meter of Mark Tuitert
  5. The faulty race of Sven Kramer

The site uses geoblocking as required by the IOC, so only Dutch viewers have been able to see the videos. To put the numbers in perspective the second most popular video online, reached 1.7 million people on TV (Source: (TV viewing stats)

These numbers hold a big promise for the second big sports event of this year: the World Cup Soccer in South Africa. In 2008 the Euro Cup Soccer website attracted almost 1.3 million unique visitors. In one month’s time 3.8 million live streams where requested and 15 million pages where viewed. This was the first time that the NOS used the Internet for broadcasting a big soccer event. (Source STIR, June 2008)

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