Silverlight Virtual Twilight Tour

twilight_3 In anticipation of the opening of the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie on November 20th, MSN has created a Virtual Twilight Tour. Created entirely in Silverlight 3 - from the video player to the map interface - the Tour brings Forks, La Push, Port Angeles, and Volterra right to your computer so that you can see 16 of Twilight’s and New Moon’s most exciting locations.

MSN built the Tour using Visual Studio and Visual C#, employing the Bing Maps control for location-based navigation. For the ‘bells and whistles,’ Expression Blend helped to create the animations that transition the user from one action to another. The end result is a seamless multimedia interaction. Just scroll over the map to check out the video, photos, audio, and contextual Bing searches for the full tour experience.

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