MSN Video is being re-launched in the U.S. as Bing Video powered by Silverlight and Smooth Streaming

We are excited to announce the re-launch of the MSN Video on For the tens of Millions of MSN Video customers, this release delivers a vastly improved viewing experience with the help of Microsoft Silverlight. Users demand high quality video but also expect performance. They want videos to load quickly, seek fast, and playback with no buffering. By adopting Silverlight Smooth Streaming, MSN and Bing can offer users a clean, simple design, and HD Video (when technically possible) that delivers the best short form and long form video experience available. This release also includes for the first time a large-scale Microsoft Silverlight-based advertising solution that allows simple monetization of video content. The integration with the Bing Video page allows users to access videos from MSN and other favorite video sites and experience those using the best video playback technology on the Web. The solution that launches in the U.S. today (as part of the Bing Video page) will be propagated to 38 global MSN markets in the near future.


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