Announcing Convexion – A New PowerPoint-to-Silverlight Add-in

Convexion_Logo_thumbElectric Rain is excited to announce a new product called Convexion, a PowerPoint to Silverlight converter that’s aimed at both presenters and Silverlight designers and developers. This first-of-its-kind tool works as an add-in to PowerPoint and offers single-click export of any slideshow into a self-contained .XAP file, or with the Convexion Pro version, a complete Expression Blend project. The exported project comes in the form of a .SLN file enabling Silverlight designers and developers to directly integrate the presentation content into a larger project, or to fully customize the Convexion Player Skin from the original export. And whether you’re converting to .XAP, Blend Project, or even a WPF-based .EXE or.SLN, Convexion offers amazing fidelity with slide transitions, slide animations (including support for builds, wipes, etc.), layout and more. What you see in PowerPoint is what you get in Silverlight. So whether you have the need to get some presentation content onto the web quickly, or have clients looking to streamline the publishing of slides into a custom branded player skin, Convexion is there to help you leverage the powerful media delivery and animation capabilities of the Silverlight platform.

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