Adding Silverlight Video to Websites with Expression Web 3

Expression Web makes it faster and easier to create standards-based Web sites with rich Silverlight content. With Expression Web 3, you can easily add and encode Silverlight video for your websites. And you can also add Silverlight content from Expression Blend to websites with Expression Web 3.

Inserting and encoding Silverlight video

Since we’ve integrated Expression Encoder 3 with Expression Web 3, you can just drag and drop a tool to insert and encode professional-quality Silverlight video.


Then, the Insert Silverlight video dialog box comes up, where you can choose encoding options, such as encoding profile, player skin, size, and other options to encode the video correctly for your website.


· Profiles: you can either use the same encoding profile as the source file (recommended), or you can choose from a number of encoding profiles based on the output device, including Zune, H.264 with or without IIS Smooth Streaming, a variety of VC-1 options, and so forth.

· By default, Expression Web puts the encoded files into your website folder structure, but you can specify another location.

· Template determines the player skin and there are a variety of options. For this demo, choose “Popup.”

· Width and height sets the respective parameters for the player on the Web page.

· You can also choose a variety of playback options, such as start when page loads.

· Finally, choose Stretch mode if the aspect ratio of the source file is different from that of the layout requirements.

After you choose OK, Encoder encodes the video and inserts it and the player skin into your page as you can see here on the right side of this Web page header.


You can also use Expression Encoder 3 as a stand-alone application to encode a wide range of video formats, make simple edits, and add graphical overlays. The resulting encoded video can then be played with a range of customizable player skins for deployment to the Web or a range of devices.

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