Introducing the WebsiteSpark Program for Web Developers and Designers

Today marks the officially launch of the WebsiteSpark Program, which provides Web developers and designers access to Microsoft software and solutions, including Silverlight, as well as the training, support and, coming soon, market exposure to help great ideas get off the ground. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 RTM (Web PI) and Windows Web Application Gallery installs the Microsoft Web Platform products and applications that are ready to use, out-of-the box, on top of the Microsoft Web Platform.

The Web Platform Installer and Windows Web Application Gallery now with the new WebsiteSpark Program is a powerful combination of technical and business resources for web developers and professionals everywhere. The Microsoft Web Platform provides:

· The easiest means to download, install, and keep up-to-date the Microsoft Web Platform.

· Free community applications available in the new Windows Web Application Gallery.

· Training, support and coming soon, a new market place to connect customers to partners who build on our platform.

The Web Platform Installer 2.0 now includes new platform features and IIS extensions and will be rolling out across 9 different languages over the next few months and support for installing and configuring the latest version of PHP, v5.2.11 for Windows.

Like BizSpark, the WebsiteSpark program shows Microsoft’s commitment to working with key communities to help small businesses succeed in today’s climate. This is a great opportunity for development and design firms using Silverlight – and interested in using the Microsoft Web Platform – to get free access to software, training, and business opportunities provided via WebsiteSpark. Be sure to check it out!

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