Intel and Microsoft Announce Collaboration to Provide Great Experiences for Atom

As a team we are committed to continuing to extend the platform and operating system support of Silverlight to reach the broadest set of customers possible. Today, Intel announced at IDF (Intel Developer Forum) support for Silverlight 3 on their Atom-based devices. This collaboration is focused on enabling consumers to have a great out of the box experience for browsing the Web and we see Silverlight support as a key aspect of that.

These Atom-based devices run Windows 7 or Moblin, which is Intel’s preferred flavor of Linux for embedded scenarios. As part of this, Silverlight will become one of the technologies supported within Intel’s Atom Developer Program. Developers can target Silverlight as a preferred client runtime and know they will get solid support on Atom-based devices.

Today, during her keynote at IDF, Renee James, Intel’s corporate vice president and general manager of Intel’s Software and Services Group and Ian Ellison-Taylor, our general manager for Client Platforms and Tools announced the collaboration. They also showed IIS Smooth Streaming on Atom-based devices running both Windows 7 and Moblin, demonstrating what developers and end users have to look forward to.

We are excited by further support of Silverlight by key industry leaders and how this collaboration delivers on Silverlight’s cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device promise by going beyond just the PC to allow developers to reach more endpoints for their applications and services. We see this is a clear extension of our current efforts with Novell where we are building an open source implementation of Silverlight called “Moonlight” that is targeted at the broad range of Linux–based PCs.

Now is a better time than ever to begin developing applications for Silverlight.

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