Silverlight Ads on Xbox LIVE Announced at Cannes

On Tuesday, June 22nd at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2009, Microsoft announced it will bring Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recognized rich media technologies including Silverlight to Xbox LIVE within the next year. By extending support to technologies like Silverlight, Xbox LIVE will offer advertisers and creative designers scale and reach with their campaign creative assets, enabling them to build and deliver interactive, interconnected experiences that are unlike anything else on television, and extend these experiences across multiple screens – the TV, the PC, and Mobile.

For advertisers and marketers, Silverlight offers a powerful platform for creating and delivering campaign experiences. Silverlight enables agencies and advertisers to create, launch, measure and quickly respond to online advertising campaigns featuring superior user engagement, discoverability and analytics-driven accountability. Silverlight supports all leading advertising scenarios, including linear pre-rolls, post-rolls, interstitials as well as non-linear tickers, bugs and transparent overlays and unparalleled scalability for online video.

The updated platform support was announced during a demonstration centered on the upcoming Harry Potter film. The goal was to demonstrate the digital canvas and how creative visions could be expressed across through the engagement funnel from initial promotion, to purchase of tickets, to engagement in the cinema through the TV with Xbox, the browser on a Win7 powered PC (with multitouch capabilities), a Windows 6.5 mobile device and Microsoft Surface. Many of Silverlight's top features, from Deep Zoom to Smooth Streaming to out-of-browser, were highlighted to show how through creative reuse, marketers can spend more time on lighting up the unique capabilities of each screen. The demo also showed how Microsoft's innovative technologies can come together to create a unmatched, holistic media experiences that touch audiences across multiple screens.


Today’s demonstration represents the coordinated effort of many divisions at Microsoft as one. Thanks to all who made it happen and stay tuned for more details and groundbreaking work with Silverlight in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

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