Interactivity without code!

Add animation, navigation and interactivity to your projects without writing code.

Developers are able to encapsulate pieces of interactivity into reusable Behaviors that can then be utilized within Expression Blend. A Behavior is added to an element through drag and drop then any attributes exposed by the developer can be edited directly in the Blend UI.

Watch as Arturo takes us on a whirlwind tour and  introduces us to the power of Behaviors in Expression Blend 3. He makes a series of objects interactive with physics and gravity before turning his hand to the casual games market, building a fun casual game called BeeHive without writing any code.

[Linked Content No Longer Available] 

Expression Feature Series 1: Behaviors

If you would like a more thorough introduction to Behaviors please read, our previous post on this subject, “Expression Blend 3 Behaviors”.

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