Getting Started with Silverlight


Where do I start?

That is a great question. Depending on whether you prefer to think in code or work visually the answer to where you should start will be different.

For developers already on the Microsoft platform this is an easier question to answer. Silverlight is based on .NET, so that .NET goodness you’ve been enjoying for the last 9 years when building your Windows desktop client applications can now be leveraged to deliver cross platform, cross browser web based solutions! is a great resource to visit for Getting Started and Training with Silverlight.

For visual and interactive designers, developers approaching Silverlight from other technologies, or for developers looking for a refresher before diving right in to code, we realized there was a gap that needed to be addressed.

Getting Started with Silverlight’ fills that gap.

‘Getting Started with Silverlight’ is a series of 11 videos and hands-on materials that introduces you to the concepts, skills, and applications you need when starting down the road of building your first Silverlight application.

Often a training series will assume a level of expertise in a subject; this series assumes nothing and takes you right back to the core, answering the types of questions that need answering when you’re new to a technology: “What software do I need to install?”, “what order should I install it?”, and “what techniques do I need to learn to be immediately effective with Silverlight?”.

As you go through the ‘Getting Started with Silverlight’ materials and start to feel more comfortable with the platform and tools, you can decide what your most appropriate next step is… Silverlight.NET if you prefer working in code, and the Expression Community Site if you focus on the design aspects of the application such as the visual UI or interaction model.

Look out for more in the ‘Getting Started series’ soon.

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