New SideShow-compatible devices from Mini-Box!

The folks over at Mini-Box have just released a new SideShow-compatible picoLCD module, designed for use in one of your many spare drive bays.  For those who are interested, the device has full support for SCF-based (Simple Content Format) gadgets (as compared to the ‘glance only’ text data on the Logitech G-15).  Check out these…


Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0 Released!

This is a firmware release which is flexible enough to be used on many devices – devices integrated into the computer, remote controls, and wireless “fridge magnet” displays.  It’s a turnkey solution that provides all the top-level code you need to create a full-featured SideShow device based on the .NET Micro Framework. Download the Windows…


Come visit us at WinHEC 2008 in Los Angeles, CA

After our busy burst of software releases earlier this year, don’t take the recent relative quiet as a sign that things are slowing down.  In fact, we’ve been extremely busy getting a few surprises ready to unveil at WinHEC, which is coming up in just a few short weeks!  If you’re already planning to attend WinHEC…


It’s here: SideShow support on Windows CE 5.0!

Yesterday, the Windows Embedded team released support for Windows SideShow on Windows CE 5.0!  Combined with our Universal Driver, this new platform can work over USB, Bluetooth or TCP/IP connections, and easily enable SideShow functionality on a wide variety of CE-based devices.  If you’ve got an existing CE 5 based device with one of the supported…


Announcing the Universal Driver for Windows SideShow 1.5!

Last week, we quietly released to Windows Update a new version of the Universal Driver for Windows SideShow!  This new release includes support for additional transports, bringing the complete list to: USB Bluetooth TCP/IP TCP/IP with SSL In addition to powering devices built using the Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework v1.4 (and…


Pre-order Ricavision’s VAVE100 at

Want to get your hands on the VAVE100 Windows SideShow-enabled remote control?  It’s now available for pre-order through, so you can be one of the first to get it once it’s out.


Beta test the Ricavision VAVE100

Ricavision is looking for beta testers worldwide for the much-anticipated VAVE100 Windows SideShow-enabled universal remote control.  Be one of the first in the world to see what all the buzz is about!  Spaces are limited. If you’re interested in participating, click here to nominate yourself: I want to beta test the VAVE100! – Dan


It’s here! Announcing the Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework v1.4!

We’ve been saying “It’s coming” for a very long while–and now we can officially say, “IT’S HERE!”  On behalf of the entire Windows SideShow team, I would like to announce public availability of the Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework v1.4.  To those who participated in the beta program, we want to thank…


BenQ Joybook Q41: The third Windows SideShow-enabled notebook

BenQ recently announced their Joybook Q41 laptop, which is the third Windows SideShow-enabled notebook to come to market so far.  There are larger pictures of the unit and its secondary display located over at Laptops Blog.  The Windows SideShow-enabled display is similar to that found on the ASUS W5Fe and LG R200, with the primary…


Ikanos Consulting’s Go Gadgets beta

If you’re interested in Windows SideShow technology, and you haven’t yet seen what Matt and James at Ikanos Consulting have been up to recently, well, you’re missing out.  They’ve just released Beta 3 of their Go Gadgets software for Windows Mobile, and posted some teasers of SideShow running on an iPhone or iPod Touch.  The…