Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview Fix Available

The Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview, which was prematurely showing a notification that the beta had expired, has been fixed and is now available at .  As with the previous release, this version may not work when paired with systems running the Windows 7 beta.  Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the release!


Comments (3)

  1. gemery says:

    Hey There,

     I have everything set up but when I go to add a gadge it wont let me add anything? tO USE WITH MY PHONE?

     Any Ideas

  2. DarrylBrown says:

    If you are unable to see gadgets on your Windows Mobile phone, the most likely cause is that you either need to select a user on your device through the options page, or you are using the Windows 7 Beta.  If you are running the Windows 7 Beta, an updated driver has been released which will allow Windows Mobile phones to successfully operate as SideShow devices.  Right clicking on the device in Device Manager and updating the driver software should solve your problem.

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