Windows Media Center Gadgets for Windows SideShow Beta!

We’re excited to announce the Beta release of the Media Center Gadgets for Windows SideShow! Click the following link to join our open Microsoft Connect program for the Media Center Gadget Beta: (This link can be used only once. Login to Microsoft Connect after joining to access this program.)

You can use these gadgets from any SideShow device. If you have a Windows Mobile device, you can download and install our developer preview.

4 gadgets are included with this beta that allow you to:

  • Browse the TV Guide and schedule recordings. Browse Recorded TV by thumbnail.

  • Browse your music library and control music playback.

  • Browse Picture and Video libraries.

  • View "now playing" information and control Media Center with playback controls.

Connect Site permanent links:
Installation Instructions
Gadget general information and known issues
Send Feedback

We greatly appreciate your help in making this a great release! 

- Darryl

Comments (6)

  1. stevebor1 says:

    I couldn’t get the Q9m to connect even though my phone was paired. I turns out you have to go to the properties of the PC’s bluetooth settings for your phone, click on the "Services" tab and check the "SideShow" box, then apply. 🙂

    Thanks a lot guys for this app!

  2. Alex Dan says:

    Awesome, glad you’re enjoying it! Please file any bugs you may find on the Microsoft Connect site and we’ll investigate.


  3. ASPInsiders says:

    Bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about recently, in no particular order: The SideShow Team Blog

  4. hvelez says:

    I cannot get the new gadgets for Windows Media Center. When I click the link above it gives me an error.

  5. Computerman897 says:

    I have the same problem that hvelezis getting, I have a connect account but it’s telling me that the invitaion ID is invalid.

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