It’s here: SideShow support on Windows CE 5.0!

Yesterday, the Windows Embedded team released support for Windows SideShow on Windows CE 5.0!  Combined with our Universal Driver, this new platform can work over USB, Bluetooth or TCP/IP connections, and easily enable SideShow functionality on a wide variety of CE-based devices.  If you've got an existing CE 5 based device with one of the supported transports, adding SideShow support in most cases won't require any additional hardware.

It's also a standard part of Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, a SKU designed specifically for navigation devices.  With SideShow, now your PND could be as useful outside the car as it is inside--imagine using it as a remote control for your music library at home, or even a PowerPoint remote (with full slide previews and speaker notes) once you've gotten to your destination?  The possibilities are endless, and now they're easy to implement as well!

All you need to get started is Platform Builder 5.0--so what are you waiting for?

- Dan

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  1. parsley says:

    Does this come under the WinCE Core licence? Or is it a Pro component?

  2. PhMajerus says:

    Now that you have code for a rendered on Windows Mobile and Windows CE, what about SideShow-enabling the Zune through the universal network driver to turn it into a Wi-Fi SideShow screen ?

    The Zune has a great screen, the right buttons combination, and would make a great external display for Media Center with the new gadgets.

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