SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview Released @ TechReady 2008!

Today we released the Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview.  Now any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 phone can work as a Bluetooth Windows SideShow device!  We've got some favorite uses of it already, including using it to control PowerPoint presentations while viewing the speaker notes, using it as a remote control to Windows Media Player, and viewing RSS feeds on the road. Really, though, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible here, and developers have the opportunity to invent a whole new range of scenarios using the software and the Managed API SDK (see below) that allows Visual Basic and C# development, so we’re really excited to see what’s going to come out next.  Enjoy!



Installation instructions 

SideShow Development Forums



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  1. PhMajerus says:

    Very cool to finally see this coming, and it’s already working very well for a preview.

    Controlling PowerPoint from a Smartphone is really cool, as well as controlling Windows Media Player from the bed when back at the hotel after a day of presentation.

    Hopefully there will be some background besides on the home page. The white background on lists is a bit plain, and even WM built-in applications introduced some gradient to avoid that, but this is even more noticable on pages like the WMP gadget playing screen, where there is a lot of empty space.

    Great work! And working so well I’m keeping it installed on my main Smartphone until it gets replaced by the RTW version.

  2. One of the features introduced with Windows Vista which is rarely spoken about is Sideshow. In case you

  3. I first saw this announcement on twitter last week, that the Windows SideShow team had released a Developer

  4. says:

    Well, why is it limited only to WM5 and WM6 devices? My still very decent iPAQ 4150 running WinCE4.2/PPC2003 (without an upgrade path; thank you HP for pretecting my investment) could be a great candidate for a SideShow device. What does impose the limitation?

  5. Seems that it does not work when I am using windows server 2008 x64 as my base system.

    it asks for some driver I have no idea where to get from.

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