Come and see the latest Windows SideShow devices at CES

We'll be showing at CES showing a host of Windows SideShow-compatible devices including introducing several new devices that haven't been shown before such as our first Bluetooth devices and some very interesting new product designs. 

If you're at CES, stop by the Microsoft booth where you'll see SideShow highlighted in a few different places, and meet several members of the SideShow team who'll be down there giving demos and answering questions.

Comments (1)

  1. apexchaser says:

    Wow… Some pretty exciting devices are coming down the pike!

    Speaking of devices, has anoyone come up with a sideshow client for PPC/Windows Mobile yet?  With lots and lots of WM PDAs and smartphones out there, it’d be fantastic to enable all those devices to talk to Vista via sideshow (for media player control, for example).  I envision being able to control music playback from anywhere in the house, via WiFi or Bluetooth, without having to turn on the high def TV to interact with Vista.

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