Media Center remote controls supporting gadgets

We've talked about various concept devices supporting the Windows SideShow platform. Engadget has just posted thoughts on one of these concepts - the Media Center remote control for Windows SideShow control supporting gadgets.

This concept is one that I like for many reasons. It allows me to control my media in an interactive manner with my main monitor or TV turned off. It can provide new ways to interact with the channel guide allowing me to find or record shows without disrupting the viewing experience for my family or others in the room. Finally, it allows me to see information from the gadgets running on my PC - instant messenger contacts, e-mail updates, sports scores or anything else I might find useful in the living room.

What do you think of these expereinces on a remote control? What would make it more useful to you?

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  1. Razielim says:

    That remote is an awesome concept.

    How’s Steve Jobs gonna laugh at that, eh? Just beats the apple remote about a billion times in terms of sexiness.

    Besides, gadgets on a remote control is a brilliant idea. A lot of the time, gadgets will show information that is too hard to view sitting on your sofa or from a distance. This means that if you’re watching a movie or doing something from a distance, you can get, wherever you go, the information you want. It’s like extending the computer – significantly. I can’t think of a lifestyle that wouldn’t be made easier by this device. It’d be even better if it was an RF remote (rather than IR, which requires line-of-sight), and could handle more batteries (like 4 AA batteries, to make that screen last longer without a change of batteries)

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    this would be so, so much cleverer than the basic MCE remote, or even the Logitech Harmony 890.

    what would be cool is something like the 890 that can control / manage my media and give me a UI for music playback without having to turn the TV on (handy with the RF control if I’m in the next room)

  3. paulemery says:

    What would be even cooler is the ability to control multiple extenders so that it can be used in a true multiroom environment

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