Windows SideShow at CES (Part 1)

The Windows SideShow team had a booth at CES, which was held in the first week of January. There were several new device prototypes for Windows SideShow that were shown both at Bill Gates' and Steve Ballmer's keynote presentations and at the Windows Vista booth. There was a lot of excitement around Windows SideShow and our team members at the booth will attest to this from their long and exhausting days at CES.

One of the prototypes that we showed was a detachable device designed for Windows SideShow (see attachment). The device is a part of the laptop PC and fits in with the look and feel of the PC. Notice how it can also be removed by sliding it out of the laptop housing. When attached to the PC, it can sync data and is useful as an in-lid display that provides access to information from gadgets. It can also be detached and carried around in your pocket to listen to music or to look up information while on the go.  We got a lot of positive feedback on this concept and are eagerly awaiting for Windows Vista launch to see our partners bring these detachable devices to the market.

Windows SideShow - Detachable Display.jpg

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