“WPF/E” and Sidebar gadgets

 One of my favorite new web technologies is now available for preview. I’d urge to you go check out the developer center and team blog.   Of course, since “WPF/E” is a technology designed to work in web pages, many of you are going to try it out inside gadgets. Very cool. Unfortunately, you’ll probably…


Using the slideshow gadget with Search folders

Ben Betz has a pretty cool post about building some advanced queries in the UI (http://shellrevealed.com/blogs/shellblog/archive/2006/10/31/Query-Composition_3A00_-Building-a-search-upon-another-search.aspx). Did you know that you can direct the slideshow Sidebar gadget to cycle through images in those same dynamic search folders? David Washington submitted this tip. The Short Story: You can point the Slideshow gadget at a Search Folder….


Building the Feed headlines gadget using the Windows Feeds Platform

The final RSS gadget, “Feed Headlines” is done and available with Windows Vista! This gadget is featured on the Vista Sidebar by default and allows users to see new headlines peripherally. We built the gadget using the Windows Feeds Platform, which greatly reduced the complexity of getting and storing of feed data so that we…


Roaming gadgets on a USB key

DISCLAIMER: This post is relevant for the Vista v1 version of Sidebar, but isn’t guaranteed to work on future versions. Hopefully we’ll be able to devise a more streamlined method of roaming gadgets and settings in the future. Sidebar by default will use settings and gadgets that have been installed to your user profile. Many…


Localized Date Strings

I just saw this interesting exchange on an internal discussion list, and thought I’d pass it on: From: A Microsoft GuySubject: Formatting date/time strings Is there a good way to format a date/time string using the current system local?  The javascript function toLocaleString() only outputs the long date + time format.  I’m looking for a…


Powering Your Gadgets With ActiveX

A while ago, I wrote a tutorial explaining how to create an ActiveX control and use it inside a sidebar gadget.  If you are finding yourself limited by the capabilities of DHTML and script in your gadget development, you will find this a useful way to add additional power and capabilities to your gadget.  (At…


Persistent Settings Update

Soon after I posted my persistent settings library, I received my first bug on it.  I’ll discuss the bug a bit, but first things first – the bug is fixed, and the links updated; if you previously downloaded the library, please go ahead and get the updated version. Details: The symptom of the bug was…


Persistent Gadget Settings

Here is a question that seems to pop up with some regularity on the sidebar newsgroup: “Why doesn’t the weather gadget remember where I live, if I close it and then add it again to my sidebar?” The answer is that every time you add the weather gadget to the sidebar, you are creating a new…


RC1 Changes to the Sidebar APIs

In the RC1 release of Windows Vista, the Sidebar received a number of changes in the APIs that make up our object model. These APIs make building rich gadgets that interact with other Windows components, and the Sidebar itself, easy and familiar to HTML developers. Some gadgets written for the Beta 2 release of Windows…


Sidebar Security

Brian Teutsch, Windows Sidebar Program Manager The Windows Sidebar is a new Windows Vista component that provides a runtime for “gadgets.” Gadgets are mini-applications designed to present the user with information or utilities. The Windows Vista Sidebar treats gadgets very similar to the way Windows Vista treats all executable code. The Sidebar team is completely…