Make sure Codeduitest is able to identify element inside a Hidden TabItem

Recently there was a customer who reported an issue (Details In his application there was a TabItem who’s Visibility property was set to Collapsed. Due to this AutomationElement.FromPoint (UIA api) was not able to return correct element(inside the hidden tabitem) from point (and hence codeduitest test was not able to recognize element from point)….


Zindex issue while automating WPF application

Below is a simple XAML code. <Grid.ColumnDefinitions>             <ColumnDefinition MaxWidth=”400″ MinWidth=”250″ Width=”250″ />             <!–Column 0–>             <ColumnDefinition Width=”2″ />             <!–Column 1–>             <ColumnDefinition Width=”*” />             <!–Column 2–>         </Grid.ColumnDefinitions>         <Grid.RowDefinitions>             <RowDefinition Height=”67″ />             <!–Row 0–>             <RowDefinition Height=”30″ />             <!–Row 1–>             <RowDefinition Height=”*” />             <!–Row 2–>…


NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException thrown when debugging Codeduitest

Many of the customers have reported that they see NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException being thrown when debugging a Codeduitest. The NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException here in innocuous and is expected. The reason why we see debugger breaking at this exception is because the debugger option has of “Breaking at any CLR exceptions is switched on”. So any time an exception is…



In this post I will be describing what does NextSibling means in context of search. But before doing that I will mention the ways in which search can happen. There are two ways (exclusive) in which search can happen:- a)    Plugin search :- By plugin search I mean that the respective plugin for that Technology…


Automating Mouse actions with two button clicked at same time

There is no workaround in recording. But you can do hand coding to make things work during playback. If you just want to Click the control with both middle and left button  then you can do this by following steps 1) Record the scenario of click using only one Mouse button. Say Left 2) The…


Understanding the Window Search and Windowed Properties

There has been questions regarding how do you search a particular control giving ControlName or ControlId etc. So I thought it is a good opportunity to blog about it. I will be covering the following :- a) Which plugin gets picked up for which controls b) Introducing MSAA plugin c)  Introducing what does it mean…


Webcast on “Extending Coded UI Test”

Language(s): English. Product(s): Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Audience(s): Pro Dev/Programmer.     Duration: 60 Minutes Start Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) Event Link:     Presenters: Siddhartha Pandey, Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Corporation and Gautam Goenka, Senior Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation Event Overview Coded UI Test is…


Debugging Mouse Click Failures (UI synchronization related)

Test method SomeProject.CodedUITest1.CodedUITestMethod1 threw exception: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.PlaybackFailureException: Cannot perform ‘Click’ on the control. Additional Details: TechnologyName:  ‘MSAA’ Name:  ‘Foo’ ControlType:  ‘Client’ —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. What if you get Exception like this when you try to click a control. There can be many reasons for…


Testing WebPages that uses Windows Authentication for different credentials

One of our customer asked us this “Coded UI test tool is not recording the steps when IE user session is different from logged in user. I have opened the IE session with test user(Domain\testuser) and Coded ui test builder with logged in user. When I try to record the steps using Coded UI Test…