NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException thrown when debugging Codeduitest

Many of the customers have reported that they see NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException being thrown when debugging a Codeduitest.


The NotSupportedException/NotImplementedException here in innocuous and is expected. The reason why we see debugger breaking at this exception is because the debugger option has of “Breaking at any CLR exceptions is switched on”. So any time an exception is thrown the VS Debugger will break at that point even if it is handled else where.

To disable this follow the below steps.

1) Click Debug->Exception menu item.




2) It will open an exception dialog. Uncheck Common language runtime exception check box (under thrown column header). See below



Now you are good to go with debugging your codeduitest.

Comments (4)

  1. ABC says:

    where is this debug options in visual studio 2008 ?

  2. Arun Singh Rajaputra says:

    I unchecked CLR excepton, But still i am getting same exception.

  3. Steve says:

    For anyone finding this: this behavior is still consistent in VS 2012 as well.

  4. David V. Corbin says:

    There is no such thing as an " innocuous exception" under normal circumstances. The only time is under exceptional conditions.

    While the following may not apply to "test frameworks" they apply to code in many environments.

    Certain classes of systems are required to monitor "first chance" exceptions. If one occurs and is not on a pre-approved list (includijg callstack and context) then it is treated as an "alert", often causing a support tech to be called (perhaps in the middle of the night) and occasionally triggering a complete shutdown of the system.

    If there is any why possible to eliminate the exception by "pre-testing" conditions, then I strongly recommend that this be implemented.

    David V. Corbin

    david (dot) dorbin (at) dynconcepts (dot) com

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