TechEd EMEA in Barcelona – Code and random notes

TechEd EMEA was a cool event in an even cooler city. I'm definitely coming back 🙂 The organization was great and the speaker community awesome (we speakers are always hanging out together, but this was the first time I saw such a feeling of community).

Ok, first of all – some business.

Code, Demos, and Slides

Thanks to all the folks who attended the talks. I will post all the slides and code on my website soon ( Some of them are new things that I did not release before and some are updates to things you’ve seen before (though not at TechEd EMEA J). Watch this blog for upload announcements (I’m actually on vacation right now and trying to minimize work-related activities J).

Now, some fun anecdotes.

Most Enjoyable Moment

Being on stage for my Intro talk and telling everyone we shipped! What a great way to end a 4+ year journey!

Most Disappointing Moment

The launch announcement that wasn’t. The announcement at Eric Rudder’s keynote was so under-toned that no one really knew we shipped unless they came to my talks. Oh well…

Most Geeky Moment

While I was waiting for the techs to fix the projection issues that the PPT machine had, I had VS open so without thinking I just typed:

      using (TwoTechnicians)




Wouldn’t it things be so much simpler if you could actually do that? J

Most Random Fun Moment

Celebrating someone’s birthday on the bus after the speakers’ dinner, with Roy Osherove improvising birthday songs on his acoustic guitar. What a great night that was!

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