Rory "makes" Doug leak details about some of our future plans

While I was at TechEd, some folks on my team recorded this video for channel 9. Guess what future feature leaked on this video? (hint: watch time mark 27:57) Now that’s one heck of a pourus mambrane 🙂


TechEd EMEA in Barcelona – Code and random notes

TechEd EMEA was a cool event in an even cooler city. I’m definitely coming back 🙂 The organization was great and the speaker community awesome (we speakers are always hanging out together, but this was the first time I saw such a feeling of community). Ok, first of all – some business. Code, Demos, and…


Laurence and Craig on Channel 9

My good friends Laurence and Craig recently recorded a Channel 9 video on WCF tracing. Check it out on:


Web Service Software Factory ARCast

Ron just posted the session Don Smith and I recorded at TechEd US in Boston about the Service Factory. Check it out on skyscrapr.


Getting on the SOA Bandwagon

Ron Jacobs just posted the ARCast we recorded at TechEd Israel titled “Getting on the SOA bandwagon”. Check it out on Channel9 or SkyScrapr.


Familiar faces on the TechEd Europe homepage

I was looking at the TechEd Europe Developers homepage when a picture I saw on the rotating image control caught my attention – were those familiar faces that I saw there? A closer look showed my friends Rafal, Christian, Steve, Michele, and Omri. Cool!


.NET Framework 3.0 – June 2006 CTP

Get it while it’s hot. Note: This CTP is not compatible with Vista Beta2…it is compatible with the Vista June EDW (build 5456) and is installed by default on that EDW.


Adventures on the way BACK from TechEd: The Problem with Falling Doors

The way back was mostly uneventful. Since I did not sleep at all the night before, I was sleepy and dozed through most of the flight time.   On the second flight (Newark to Seattle) I was sitting in the front row in coach, with more legroom than first class, enough room to work comfortably…


TechEd Boston – Day Five: The End is Here

Today at 9am Don and I repeated the Service Factory chalk talk. Since this was fairly early in the morning, and also after the attendee party, we didn’t expect too many folks to show up. We were pleasantly surprised to have about 20 people show up, including good friends like Stuart and Patrick from Corillian….