The November CTP of WinFX is online

Get it while it’s fresh 🙂 WinFX Runtime Components: WinFX SDK: VS2005 Extensions for WinFX Runtime Components: VS2005 Extensions for Windows WorkFlow: WinFX RC Nov CTP “Readme”:


PDC demo #2 – Transactions

After a short delay, here’s the second one. This demo illustrated how transaction flowing works in Windows Communication Foundation.


Windows Transaction Foundation? I think not :-)

Let’s see: Windows Communication Foundation = WCFWindows Presentation Foundation = FPFWindows Workflow Foundation = WWFWindows Transaction Foundation = WTF… hmm… I don’t think they’ll let this one through 🙂



At the PDC I presented an acronym (BAD P) that can help you folks (and myself 😉 remember the 4 tenets of service orientation. Some folks asked me to publish it on my blog, so here goes. B stands for Boundaries. A service has an explicit boundary and it published a “guide” (typically in the…


PDC demo #1 – Sessions and Instancing

As promised, here’s the first one. This demo illustrated how sessions work in Indigo … er… Windows Communication Foundation, and how instancing is related to sessions.


PDC 2005 is over

Wooooo! PDC was awesome! Thanks again for all the folks who attended (and double that to those who came to see my talk :-). As promised, I will be posting the code for my demos here, with more detailed explanations of how they actually work.


PDC 2005

Indigo is going to have a substential presence in this year’s PDC. There are 21 sessions discussing Indigo, out of which 13 are “pure Indigo” presentations given by Indigo team members. Here’s the abstract for my talk:   Indigo: Writing Reliable and Transacted Distributed Applications What do you do when your network connection breaks half-way…


Indigo Beta 1 RC is out!

The Indigo Beta1 RC (Release Candidate) is now available for download here. The Beta1 drop itself would be available at the same time as Longhorn Beta1. Have fun!


Scott drinks the TechEd KoolAid

Don’t miss this hilarious video of Rory, Dan Fernandez, Becky Dias, Simon Guest, Richard Turner, Rory’s Girlfriend, Jay Roxe and yours truly helping Scott Hanselman see the light and drink the TechEd KoolAid.