I Moved, and So Did My Blog!

Hi All, I have left Microsoft to start my own training and consulting business. My new blog address is http://www.ShyCohen.com/blog/. Cheers,Shy.


Oslo and Models

As you may have already read on Doug’s or Don’s blogs, “Oslo” is the codename for the new Microsoft Modeling platform. What’s important to understand is that when we say "Modeling Platform" we use the term "Modeling" in the broadest sense of the word to mean "an abstract representation of something that has a useful…


Tips for Public Speaking

  Scott Hanselman posted a list of speaker tips for technical presentations. It’s a great read, and so are the comments. Here are 10 more tips to add on to his, focusing on general presentation skills. In my job I have the opportunity to speak with many different people in a variety of settings. I’ve found…


TechEd US in Orlando

If you are going to TechEd in Orlando come check out my S+S talk: A Practical Guide to Doing the Software-Plus-Services Thing (ARC09-TLC). My goal for this talk is to describe how S+S can address some of the challenges in developing large SOA-based systems, and help create solutions that were not possible or practical before. I…


TechEd Israel Videos

The videos of my TechEd Israel talks are online. The Software plus Services talk is here. This is a new talk that I did with my dear friend Tim Stevens, and it was really great. The Service Taxonomy talk is here. This is the first time that I gave this talk in Hebrew, and in fact, the…


TechEd Israel

If you are going to TechEd Israel, make sure to catch the talk that Tim and I are delivering on S+S. If all goes well (and the demo gods like us) then this should be one awesome talk 🙂 Oh – and don’t forget to bring your cell phones! I’m also giving a slightly updated version…


Are you going to TechEd Europe?

If you’re going to TechEd Europe Developers in beautiful Barcelona, come check out my talks in the Architecture track and say Hello. My talks are:   ARC07-IS – Service Taxonomy: A Common Language for SOA (November 6th at 09:00 in Room 114) ARC06-IS – Exploring Event Driven Architectures (November 6th at 17:00 in Room 116)…


Help us prioritize our future investment

The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) team is asking for your assistance in prioritizing our efforts going forward. If you’re interested in helping out, please take the time to fill in this survey on your current and future usage of WF Activities, and the areas where you would like to see us invest going forward. Your…


Ontology and Taxonomy of Services in a Service-Oriented Architecture

A few months ago I published an article titled Ontology and Taxonomy of Services in a Service-Oriented Architecture in the Architecture Journal. One table that did not make it into the article was the summary table below. Category State Security Errors Build/Buy Management Messaging Self N/A Limited Buy Centralized Utility Self User/App Limited Buy Centralized…