Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP)

Downloading Base CSP for Windows Today, the Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP) is available as a free download from the Windows Update site (  If you are using Windows Update tool, then check out the hirearchy “Windows Update, Custom, optional software, Base CSP”.  About Base CSP architecture Smart Card support exists in…


Smart Card Logon on Windows Vista

Differences in Vista Smart card logon under Windows Vista has changed in several key aspects.  The primary differences are highlighted below: ·         Logon is no longer triggered to smart card insertion.  Users are required to press Cntrl+Alt+Del (CAD) to start the logon process ·         Valid certificates are enumerated and displayed from all smartcards and presented…


Card Module is also called Smart Card Mini Driver

Card Module which has been talked about is also called Smart Card Mini Driver.  The specification for the same is now available for download at  If you have comments about the specification, please let us know.  If you have requirements or suggestions for API, then you will need to send us a detailed use…


Smart Card Infrastructure Whitepaper Published

The Smart Card Infrastructure White paper has been published on the download center –  This paper has detailed information on Windows Smart Card Infrastrucure.  Feel free to use this blog to send in your comments, suggestions and enhancements.


Smart Card Tools and debugging

CertUtil is a tool available on Windows Vista and Windows 2003 Server Admin Pack CertUtil (tool available on Vista and W2K3 Admin pack) Listing Certificates available on the card: Command to list Certificates available on the Smart Card: certutil –scinfo Entering PIN is not required for this operation.  Hitting Escape at each PIN dialog will work…


Buying Smart Cards that work with Windows XP/Vista

Developers need to test test their code with real Smart Cards that can work with Windows.  Here are some manufacturers who can provide the same.  If you are a manufacturer and not listed here, please drop me a note and I will include the same.  Raak Technologies They have 2 types of MiniDriver cards for…


Smart Card Credential Providers

Vista ships with “Password” and “Smart Card” Credential Providers.  Some vendors are interested in writing custom credential providers.  Check out for latest and up-to-date information on how to write Credential Providers.  Credential Provider Samples are available here:  For comments or questions about these samples, please contact If you are writing a custom…


Smart Card MiniDriver (aka CardModule) header (cardmod.h) download

CardMod.h required to build a Smart Card Mini Driver is available for download as a part of the Crypto Next Generation (CNG) SDK download.  This is a small package that gets installed on top of the Windows Vista SDK.


Smart Card Resource Manager Service

The Smart Card Resource Manager (SCRM) provides the basic infrastructure that all other smart card components.  It manages smart card readers on the system and application interactions.  It is fully PC/SC 1.0 compliant.   The smart card resource manager is implemented as a shared service living in an svchost process.  It runs in the context…


Smart Card Authentication with ASP.NET

Here is an interesting link that I found on implementing Smart Card Authentication with ASP.NET –