Buying Smart Cards that work with Windows XP/Vista

Developers need to test test their code with real Smart Cards that can work with Windows.  Here are some manufacturers who can provide the same.  If you are a manufacturer and not listed here, please drop me a note and I will include the same.

 Raak Technologies

They have 2 types of MiniDriver cards for general sale. (for our OEM channel a larger selection is available).  For developers I would recommend the C2-40, which is a Javacard (IBM JCOP Card OS) that supports both RSA 1024 and 2048. 

For small quantities, price can range from $14-17 per card and you can expect a 24-hour turnaround.


Smart Cards can be purchased online.  From their web site, select "BUY ON-LINE" at the top.  There are two families of cards that support the minidriver architecture:

  1. Classic TPC is our Java card-based solution

  2. Gemalto .NET is our .NET-based solution.  This has the minidriver built into Vista.

 For the “monolithic” CSP-based solution there is:

  1. Access TPC that requires the TOP IM (what used to be called ACS) software package that includes the CSP.  This software cannot be ordered from the webstore but through a Gemalto sales representative.

  2. Classic TCP (as above) that (optionally) requires Classic Client software package for the CSP

 From the web store, you can select “Smart Cards” in the right-hand column to view and order the Classic and Access TPC cards.  Select “.Net Solutions” to order the Gemalto .NET cards and development kit.  Also, the Gemalto .NET cards can be managed through some utilities at  Select “Utilities” in the bar at the top.

Individual .NET cards can cost around $55-$60 and the SDK can cost around $300


Comments (6)

  1. watchdata says:

    Watchdata is also a well-established and recognized pioneer in smart card and contactless technology solutions.

  2. Flug says:

    Thanks for the list. I can recommend Gemalto as well.

  3. Peter says:

    SICRYPT from Infineon Technologies is the pre-installed first choice – a classical and comparatively cheap card.

  4. john says:

    It is easy to use smart card in WindowssXp than that of vista

  5. Thank you for the tips on your site. Going to check Gemalto.

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    so nice card ,i like it .It is very useful in future

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