Smart Card Infrastructure Whitepaper Published

The Smart Card Infrastructure White paper has been published on the download center -  This paper has detailed information on Windows Smart Card Infrastrucure.  Feel free to use this blog to send in your comments, suggestions and enhancements.

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  1. The SmartCard Infrastructure blog has the announcement of the Smart Card Infrastructure Whitepaper Published

  2. kert says:

    Is there any documentation on running and configuring CMCK ? i.e. Minidriver certification kit ?

    I can run the tests, but everything fails as it tries to authenticate to the card using CardGetChallenge, and my card does not support that. There is no documentation on how to use the  configuration file ( i have an earlier example configuration, which does not help )

  3. kert says:

    people. I just finished downloading, and installing the newest Windows SDK (9/24/2007release) just to find out that the updated cardmod.h DOES NOT ship in it any more.

    So i am now downloading yet another 600MB ISO of WDK, hoping that maybe its in there.

    is it ? where can i expect to find it next ? The one shipped in CNG SDK ( another obscure bit of files ) is old and does not correspond to Version 6.01 Beta documentation.

  4. shivaram says:

    CardMod.h required to build a Smart Card Mini Driver is available for download as a part of the Crypto Next Generation (CNG) SDK download.  This is a small package that gets installed on top of the Windows Vista SDK.

  5. shivaram says:

    6.01 beta – compatible version of CardMod.h has not yet shipped.  

  6. shivaram says:

    The Card Minidriver Certification kit is shipped as part of the Windows Logo Kit and documentation is contained in the Windows Logo Kit. This documentation explains the configuration file. For V5 cards CardGetChallenge is a mandatory function and one of the things that the kit does up-front is to ensure that it can authenticate as admin and user before running the other tests (this is to help prevent the test blocking the admin pin in particular). Therefore if the card does not support CardGetChallenge the kit will not get past the initial stages.

  7. dwyane says:

    I have a CMCK_config.xml file but the CMCK won’t run it. Instead, the CMCK runs if there is no config file and uses its default configuration settings. Is there anything additional configuration for the CMCK_config.xml? I just followed the WDK doc.

  8. kert says:

    Is there any way too hook into SmartCard removal policy service under Vista ?

    What i want to do is clear Browser/Wininet SSL cached sessions when the smartcard is removed from the reader, but apart from running a separate application or monitoring service i have been unable to find a way to register some notification DLL or something.

  9. Kzanadeus says:

    Hi everybody.

    I’m working on a minidriver and I’am not able to find information about the manifest file which is necessary. Can someone give to me a link or informations about that kind of file ?

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