Smart Card Credential Providers

Vista ships with "Password" and "Smart Card" Credential Providers.  Some vendors are interested in writing custom credential providers.  Check out for latest and up-to-date information on how to write Credential Providers. 

Credential Provider Samples are available here: comments or questions about these samples, please contact

If you are writing a custom Smart Card credential provider and would like to use the features such as the ones for removal policy, feel free to use the Group Policy settings for the corresponding registry key settings.  Note that you will have to implement the corresponding logic in your code to appropriately log-off or lock work stations which may include removing cached information, etc.

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  1. says:

    Shivaram:  In looking at the provider samples and info above, I’m wondering if it possible to build our own SmartCard Provider without 3rd party software?  Concept would be to take "blank" smart cards, load digital certs issued by the domain for credentials and configure smart card logons on Vista Bus or Enterprise WITHOUT purchasing/installing a 3rd party software for either client or server?  Is this feasible?  Is there guidance on this somewhere that you know of?


  2. shivaram says:

    Yes.  You will have to write a "Mini-Driver" (see this blog for card module a.k.a mini driver) for the blank Smart Card purchased and then you will be able load certs on to them and use them.

  3. Present says:

    Shivaram : I'm working with custom credential provider , your samples doesn't implement the logic about get currently logged in user , what's more , i want to show user name as a edit box instead of a text in CredUI case, and i change the corresponding code , for example ,{SFI_USERNAME, CPFT_EDIT_BOX, L"username"}. but it doesn't work when a click an application with RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR or connect to a share folder which require user name and password.would you like to give me some suggestions?


  4. Dharshi says:

    Dear Team,

    I have implemented the credential provider successfully. also filtered out the default credential provider as i am overlapping the default provider.

    Whenever i logon on into my machine, it will show me the tiles for all logged in users. I have also noticed that the keys under SessionData of LogonUI is keep on increasing for every login.

    Please give me your views on how to disable the tiles.

    Thanks in advance,


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  6. Smart Card Credential Provider says:


    I'm a new developer and building a Virtual Smart Card OS logon mechanism. I think my next step

    it building a customized credential provider.

    I've developed a minidriver and a virtual reader.  Questions:

    1. Where can I find a sample for my needs?

    2. With whom exactly should my credential provider talks? to the reader?

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