Turning on S/MIME (Digital Signature/Encryption) in Outlook 2007

Digital Signature and Encryption can use Smart Card based Certificates in Outlook.  In Office 2007, Select “Tools” à “Trust Center” à “Email Security” See the attached image for configuration.   If you have had an email change from user@exchange.example.com to user@example.com and so the email address is different on your certificate compared to your exchange information….


Smart Card Logon on Windows Vista

Differences in Vista Smart card logon under Windows Vista has changed in several key aspects.  The primary differences are highlighted below: ·         Logon is no longer triggered to smart card insertion.  Users are required to press Cntrl+Alt+Del (CAD) to start the logon process ·         Valid certificates are enumerated and displayed from all smartcards and presented…


Smart Card Tools and debugging

CertUtil is a tool available on Windows Vista and Windows 2003 Server Admin Pack CertUtil (tool available on Vista and W2K3 Admin pack) Listing Certificates available on the card: Command to list Certificates available on the Smart Card: certutil –scinfo Entering PIN is not required for this operation.  Hitting Escape at each PIN dialog will work…


Smart Card Resource Manager Service

The Smart Card Resource Manager (SCRM) provides the basic infrastructure that all other smart card components.  It manages smart card readers on the system and application interactions.  It is fully PC/SC 1.0 compliant.   The smart card resource manager is implemented as a shared service living in an svchost process.  It runs in the context…


Smart Card related Group Policy Settings in Vista

The following table illustrates the Group Policy Settings that can be used on a per-machine basis.  There are no settings on a per user basis.  Some of these settings can be applied only to a Vista level functional domain – for example Domain Hints.  All of the keys are located under \Policies\Microsoft\Windows\SmartCardCredentialProvider and \Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CertProp hierarchy….


Card Mini-Driver Certification Requirements and Certification Kit

Card Mini-Driver detailed certification requirements are now available at: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/input/smartcard/sc-minidriver_certreqs.mspx   Card Module Certification Kit (CMCK) has shipped with the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). WLK is the ship vehicle for the smart card certification program test kit. The WLK is available from the Microsoft Connect Web-site and instructions on how to obtain it is available…