Smart Cards and Readers that work with Windows

What Smart Cards and Readers work with Windows? 

For Smart Cards,

Check out Certificate Life Cycle Manager (CLM) Product website which has a partner listing - .  This is just a starting list of companies that have Smart Cards that work with Windows.  There are other companies (they should their advertising) which have Smart Card mini drivers written.  Infact most major Smart Card vendors have a Card Mini Driver written.  Note that Windows is Smart Card Operating system agnostic - that means is that it does not matter if the card OS is Java Card, .NET, MultOS, any proprietary OS - as long as there is a corresponding mini-driver installed on the system, it will work

Regarding Smart Card Readers,

Any USB 2.0 compliant Smart Card Reader will automatically work on Windows Vista.  This default driver is built in-box.  Again, most major Smart Card Reader manufacturers have drivers that work well with Vista.  Check their website for drivers.

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  1. Algernon says:

    Fine, but what smart cards are currently available that work with Vista, as opposed to W2K3 and XP, i.e. which card manufactureres have already written a card module / mini-driver to interface with the Microsoft Base CSP? Existing, monolithic CSPs, which work with W2K3 and XP, do not work with Vista.

  2. Well, I can say only, that we have at Microsoft smart cards to access corpnet, and they work fine 🙂

  3. Summary list of information related to Smart Card Readers and Card Mini-Drivers Smart Card Mini-Driver

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