Smart Card MiniDriver (aka CardModule) header (cardmod.h) download

CardMod.h required to build a Smart Card Mini Driver is available for download as a part of the Crypto Next Generation (CNG) SDK download.  This is a small package that gets installed on top of the Windows Vista SDK.

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  1. midori says:

    Very interesting, but still incomplete…

    The are millions of smart card with read only file system, and you talk about file system virtualization for such a smart cards.

    But there isn’t enough information on how to do that: IMHO a more complete sample of file system should be supplied and most significant test cases  (such as the CSP Cook book article)

    I’m going to post more comments in next days as I proceed in Mini Driver implementation.

  2. Summary list of information related to Smart Card Readers and Card Mini-Drivers Smart Card Mini-Driver

  3. andi says:


    I want to write a minidriver module for a typical smart card. I'm nearly familiar with minidriver and CSP and I've worked with a typical card vendor-defined CSP module.

    I dont know the steps which are required to write a minidriver based on CNG API. would you please help me or introduce such tutorials?

    Thanks a lot


  4. Andi says:


    Can I write a minidriver that interacts with the card in Windows Xp? or just CSP is acceptable in XP?

    Thanks alot


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