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Top Whitepapers:

  1. Default Access Control Settings in Windows Server 2003 whitepaper:
  2. Internal link to PKI landscape, deployments, challenges, topologies, etc.  http://winweb/security/pki/Docs/analysts/Burton/public%20key%20infrastructure_770.pdf
  3. List of new XP and 2003 features:


  1. Windows Server 2003 PKI management whitepaper
  2. Windows Server 2003 advanced certificate enrollment whitepaper:
  3. Windows Server 2003 web enrollment and troubleshooting guide:
  4. Troubleshooting Certificate Status and Revocation whitepaper:
  5. IPSEC deployment guide:
  6. MSS wireless guide:
  7. Wireless PEAP guide:

Tutorials and Reference Collection:

  1. Smart Card Mini Driver (a.k.a Card Module) Specification - 
  2. Windows Vista SDK -
  3. Windows Vista Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) SDK -
  4. This is the overall link to the PKI Technologies collection, which serves as the umbrella introduction to the Certificates, Certificate Services, and CA Certificate Technical Reference sub-collections :

    2. If you want to use links to the individual collections:

      1. CA Certificates:
      2. Certificates:
      3. Certificate Services:

    3. EFS is covered in the Data Security collection. The link to the EFS Technical Reference is:

  5. Guidelines for Enabling Smart Card Logon with Third-Party Certification Authorities (Q281245):;en-us;Q281245

    1. Requirements for Domain Controller Certificates from a Third-Party CA (Q291010):;en-us;Q291010 

  6. How to Import a Third-Party Certificate into the NTAuth Store (Q295663):;EN-US;Q295663

  7. How to Enable LDAP over SSL with a Third-Party Certification Authority:;en-us;321051

  8. Third-Party Certificate Authority Support for Encrypting File System (Q273856;en-us;Q273856

Vendor Related Info:

  1. Ncipher:
  2. Chrysalis:

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