Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP)

Downloading Base CSP for Windows Today, the Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP) is available as a free download from the Windows Update site (  If you are using Windows Update tool, then check out the hirearchy “Windows Update, Custom, optional software, Base CSP”.  About Base CSP architecture Smart Card support exists in…


References & Links

(Thanks to David Cross for the links) Top Whitepapers: Default Access Control Settings in Windows Server 2003 whitepaper: Internal link to PKI landscape, deployments, challenges, topologies, etc.  http://winweb/security/pki/Docs/analysts/Burton/public%20key%20infrastructure_770.pdf List of new XP and 2003 features: Auto-enrollment whitepaper: Best Practices for implementing Windows Server 2003 PKI:   and Microsoft Systems Architecture: Cross-certification and…



 This blog is about Smart Card infrastructure in Windows. The objective of this blog is to educate everyone about Smart Card infrastructure in Windows – clarifications on the workings (see MSDN for workings), comments on scenarios that we support well and scenarios that we don’t support – we will listen to your suggestions very carefully….