How Microsoft IT is using Configuration Manager R3 for Power Management?

We have technical case study released titled “Manage, Monitor, and Report: Implementing a Power Management Strategy with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3” and here is overview of this technical case study.

Situation: Microsoft is committed to an ambitious goal of cutting its enterprise carbon emissions by 30% over a five-year period. To help contribute to this goal, Microsoft IT wanted to build on its System Center Configuration Manager 2007 desktop management infrastructure to implement a flexible and centralized power management solution. MSIT also wanted to fully leverage power management capabilities in products such as Windows 7. The solution needed to effectively manage, monitor, and report client power utilization across the enterprise.

Solution: Using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, Microsoft IT deployed a power management solution to 165,000 desktop and laptop computers. Through new tools that enable centralized management, powerful reporting, and a deep understanding of current power settings, MSIT realized significant energy and cost savings. The solution provides a high degree of flexibility, and different levels of enforcement. In addition to delivering on power usage and carbon reduction goals, the solution also delivers on the Microsoft IT-specific goal of driving product feedback to deliver a successful power management product.


  • 27 percent drop in the amount of power used by the managed desktop computers
  • A projected savings of $12 - $14 USD per desktop computer per year, based on currently reported data
  • Centralized power management and enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Leveraging existing client management infrastructure minimizes cost and expense


Detailed Technical Case Study is available here

Note: The above link was changed so if you downloaded this case study prior to 4th Nov. 2010, please download this case study again for latest and updated version.


Special THANKS to our operations team members for their contribution to this technical case study release and to name to few of them are Chandramouli Kothandaraman, Partha Chandran and Jitendra Ramesh Kalyankar.

Please share your comments for this technical case study and I would be glad to answer your queries.


Comments (3)

  1. Markus0815 says:

    Very Intersting !!! However in view of the Dashboard configuration it makes sense to intergrate the Power Reports into the SCCM Dashboard. Is there any additonal infiramtion available how we can use the Power reports in the SCCM Dash board??



  2. Abhishek Joshi says:

    Is this removed ? Link not working

  3. Shitanshu says:

    @Abhishek, Tthe above link was changed which I have updated it. Also if you have downloaded this case study prior to 4th Nov. 2010, please download the case study again for latest and update version.

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