ConfigMgr Client Agent Settings in Microsoft

In my previous post on ConfigMgr Site Role Hardware used in Microsoft IT, I received a comment for sharing Client Agent settings used at Microsoft IT which can help in understanding the need of required hardware for different site roles. Thanks to Saud Al-Mishari for pointing out this.

However below client agent settings may not be applicable or recommended for all ConfigMgr hierarchies due to different business requirement, number of clients managed and hardware configurations.


We also have captured performance counters in the past on our Central site with above settings which are shared in the blog:

Please share your comments for these client agent settings and I would be glad to answer any queries.

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Comments (4)

  1. roger says:

    Can you share sometime on the Site Maintenance Setting

  2. Following on from his post about the hardware used to run ConfigMgr internally by Microsoft IT, Shitanshu

  3. Shitanshu says:

    @Roger, sure I will share the site maintenance task details in my upcoming blog posts.

  4. Anoop C Nair says:

    Very curious to know, what is the remote support mechanism used in Microsoft IT? How  about the configuration of Remote Tools Client Agent Properties? Also, remote tool won't provide admin access to the tech support even if they have admin access on all the machines in the domain. The tech support people need to troubleshoot with user access (this can easly be achieved by OCS and other screen sharing tools) so what is the significance of Remote tool?

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