Part 1: How Microsoft IT using Configuration Manager Dashboard?

Today Configuration Manager Dashboard was released worldwide. One of the great feature of this solution is that it is customizable and extensible dashboard solution to view key Configuration Manager Datasets within a single summarized dashboard.

Microsoft IT Configuration Manager production team has deployed this solution with custom dashboards created in production for Microsoft IT Configuration Manager hierarchy which manages ~275,000 desktops worldwide and this blogs highlights some key custom dashboard created using this solution. And if you are attending Microsoft Management Summit 2010 then you could also attend the session BE01 Configuration Manager Dashboard, Monday, April 19 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM, which has demo for how Microsoft IT using Configuration Manager Dashboard.

The Configuration Manager Dashboard provides 6 dashboard dataset as out-of-box view and provides option to add more dataset for dashboard as needed. Microsoft IT Configuration Manager production team has created following custom dataset to meet the core business users requirement for commonly asked information from Configuration Manager. Also this dashboard is first release and being updated on going basis based on the feedback and business requirements.

In next part for the series, I will be sharing the details for creating below dashboard and SQL query used for configuring below dataset.

Dashboard for Machines Counts

  • Overall Machines Count

  • Machines Count By Regions

  • Machines Count By Operating System

  • Machines Count By Server/Workstation OS Type

  • Machines Count By 32/64 bit OS Type

  • Machines Count By Desktops/Notebooks Type

  • Machines By Physical/Virtual Type



Security Dashboard for Update Compliance

  • Software Update Compliance by Update List/IDs


Application Deployment Team Dashboard

  • Success Rate of Active Software Distribution Advertisements

  • Distribution Points with Pending Packages Count

  • Pending Packages with DP Name and Client Counts


Configuration Manager Administrator Dashboard

  • Site Server Count by Role Assigned

  • Site Server Update Compliance

  • Last WSUS Server Sync with Windows Update

  • Last Successful Site Server Backup Date & Time

  • Site Servers Not Communicated in last 24 hrs.

  • Last 24 hrs. Error/Warning Status Messages Count by Site


LCD/Plasma Screen Dashboard

  • Last 2 Hours MP Communication Success % Overall

  • Last 2 Hours WSUS/SUP Scan Success % Overall

  • Last 2 Hours MP Communication Count Per Site

  • Last 2 Hours Software Update Scan Count Per Site


Configuration Manager Client Health Dashboard

  • Client % with Hardware Inventory in last 3 days.

  • Client % with Software Inventory in last 3days.

  • Client Count for WSUS Scan, Heartbeat and MP Communication in last 24 hrs.

  • % of Inactive Client Count

  • % of Obsolete Client Count

  • Unapproved Client Count by Site


Client Health Problem Management Dashboard

  • Windows Update Scan Error for Last 7days

  • Client Health State Error Messages for Last 7days

  • Client Deployment Error Messages for Last 7days

  • Client Error Status Messages for last 7 days


App-V Dashboard

  • App-V Client Count

  • App-V Client Count by OS

  • App-V Client Versions

  • Virtual Application Name, Version and Installed Count


Asset Management Dashboard

  • Asset Count by Manufacturer

  • Asset Count by Model


Please share your feedback and thoughts for this dashboard dataset or any queries for using the Configuration Manager Dashboard.

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Comments (11)

  1. Raul says:

    would like to know where is the Sql queries for these Dashboard

  2. Shitanshu says:

    you can refer my part 2 blog posting for some of the queries used above and will be posting corresponding SQL queries for all of above dashboard by this weekend..

  3. This looks like a really series of posts from the "Configuration Manager in Microsoft IT" folks

  4. ahouaidia says:

    Hi shitanshu ! Thanks a lot for these posts. I have just one question : can I use Sharepoint Foundation 2010 instead of WSS 3.0 SP2 ? I didn't find anything relative to this !

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  5. Vinay says:

    Hi Shitanshu,

    Thank you so much for these queries, it been very useful for me. Is it possible to get a query similar to Windows updates compliance  for third party patches liek Adobe, Firefox



  6. Dominique says:


    Is it possible to have the color as we "want" not per default? I have critical issues or not responding in blue!!! I have responding or healthy as red, etc…. this does not match well the purpose… 🙂



  7. Gaurav says:

    Hi Shitanshu

    Do we have something similar for configmgr2012? How MSIT is doing for Configgr 2012.


  8. Virtualknowledgehub says:

    Hi, this site is very useful ,if you have any more information please visit

  9. Bruno Henriques says:

    Hello Shitanshu, first of all congrats on just a fine article, I have used several times for SCCM 2007 and works fine !

    The IT managers love these dashboards to "control" things.

    Because I now have clients with SCCM 2012, and the dashboards aren´t available for SCCM2012, I would like to know if anybody try to use it with SCCM2012 ? and the results/expectactions about this ?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. naresh says:

    now have clients with SCCM 2012 and  please share the  dashboards if available for SCCM2012.

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