Software Update Deployment (Patch Tuesday) Checklist

During every Patch Tuesday and Out of Band (OOB) release, Microsoft IT Configuration Manager Production support team performs a quick check for entire hierarchy. And here is the check list which helps in identifying in any issues proactively. Though Configuration Manager hierarchy is being monitored through Operation Manager, this checklist is in addition to the Operations Manager monitoring for providing go ahead for Software Update Deployment.


Software Update Deployment (Patch Tuesday) Checklist




Management Point (MP) Status

Validate all Management Point smoke test URL are passing.

If Fallback Status Point is configured, review the last 24 hrs. clients FSP messages for MP communication messages.

Software Update Point (SUP) Status

Check the WSUS services on SUP and validate the Last 24 hrs. Scan Status for all sites

Synch status on all Sites

All site should have latest content version for sync

Network Connectivity to all site status

Validate all sites & shares are accessible from parent sites on network with no sender errors

Inbox file count status

Validate no files pending for processing or file count under threshold

SQL Replication Status

If SQL replication is configured for MP, validate SQL replication is in sync with no latency

Distribution Point status  through deploying Test Package

Deploy a small test package to all DPs to ensure package replication is working as expected

Free Space on Distribution Points (DP)

Ensure sufficient  disk space is available on all Distribution Points for content availability


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  1. Wondering what checklist Microsoft IT uses ahead of each Patch Tuesday? Well wonder no more as the folks

  2. GSS says:

    Hi Shitanshu,

    I am facing one issue with user rights in sccm console. i.e I am a member of admingroup which is using for sccm activities and my team members are part of that group. the problem is when i am creating a colletion or advertisement ,specifically the user is appering in the userrights console. i am not understand when i am memberof the group why it is showing the separately.

    could you please help he on this.

    my mail


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