How to deploy ConfigMgr07 Management Pack & which rule to enable?

Recently we have deployed the ConfigMgr07 SP2 Management Pack in production in Microsoft IT and here are some key lesson learned and best practices.


1.       Download latest ConfigMgr07 SP2 Management Pack available on below link which has ConfigMgr07 SP1 known issue fixed, more monitoring scenario covered, enhanced reports and most important it  supports site roles on 64bit platform with 64 bit SCOM R2 agent.

2.       Prepare your pilot & production environment for ConfigMgr07 SP2 Management Pack deployment and validation. I recommend following task to be completed minimum for ConfigMgr07 Management Pack deployment to achieve effective monitoring

a.       Validate SCOM R2 agent are  installed & healthy on all site roles in scope for monitoring

b.      Import and create a custom Management Pack for performing custom overrides

c.       If SCOM agent service account does not have admin permission on local site servers then refer ConfigMgr07 SP2 management pack guide released (CM07_OM07_MPGuide.doc) page 17 for details for least access required.

d.      Create a SMS Environment Variable to Support Log-Based Rules as there are number of rules which look for log files to check for errors. To do so, create the %SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH% system environment variable on a site server so that the SCOM/MOM Agent running under Local System or a local administrator user context has access to the log files in the %SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH%\Logs directory

3.       Complete the testing tasks of ConfigMgr07 Management pack

a.       Verify that the Configuration Manager 2007 computer groups are populated with computers running Configuration Manager 2007.

b.      After enabling the relevant rules, ensure that the views and reports in Operations Manager 2007 console are populated as desired such as processing rates and inbox backlogs.

c.       Things to be aware of that some rules listed below are disabled by default and can be enabled based on the monitoring level required

4.       Rules related to other Management Packs, such as the IIS and SQL Server Management Packs are disabled and if you have deployed other Management, then ensure there is no overlapping for rules to reduce duplicate alerts for same symptom

a.       All performance measuring rules are disabled to minimize the impact on the agent’s CPU, memory, and network resources. These rules can be enabled for more in-depth monitoring & troubleshooting.

5.       Recommended Customization for ConfigMgr07 SP2 Management Pack

a.       Inbox threshold – by default the inbox threshold is 10,000 files and run once per day by default, in 15-minute increments. This threshold is usually meets most of large & medium ConfigMgr client environment but if you have small ConfigMgr client environment (< 5000) then please consider this threshold for change such as 3000

b.      Enable/Disable Rule – To avoid unwanted alerts, review all default enabled rules and decide which rules are important for business and level of monitoring required. For example there are some rules for warning/informational and it could be expected for your environment, so disable such informational/warning alerts if no action required.


      I have also uploaded the list of all default rules available and their default status. And added column for rules which Microsoft IT has enabled as reference. Please do not use Microsoft IT enabled rules as baseline because we have unique business requirement.


      Here is link for the list of all rules available and their deafult state with our rules fine tuning -


c.       Rule of thumb – Enable only those rules which alerts for actionable incidents

d.      Please review the alerts on daily basis for first few weeks until you reach the goal that all alerts are actionable and there is no noise or any critical alert is missing.

6.       Perform recommended Daily/Weekly/Monthly task for ConfigMgr07 SP2 based on Management pack guide page 43 – page 49, and don’t forget to check out the new availability reports

7.       At last there are some known issues for the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack which are listed below

a.       Configuration Manager 2007 Might Interfere with the Installation of Non-Microsoft Software That Stops the WMI Service

b.      WMI Monitoring

c.       Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack Cannot Detect SMS Secondary Site if SMS Administrator Console Installed on the Same Computer

d.      System Restarts Provide Limited Alerts

e.      Monitor SMS Status Messages Script in Configuration Manager  2007

f.        Monitor Site Summarizer Script in Configuration Manager 2007 Is Offset From the Default Site System Status Summarizer Interval

g.       BITS Monitoring Disabled by Default

h.      Application Provider Path Is Set to SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH% \ Logs by Default, That Might Not be Valid on Every Configuration Manager Site Server

i.         Status Message Rules That Monitor Sender Connectivity Have a Dependency on the Sender Functioning

j.        Script errors in the Site Topology View Portray Installation Path Instead of Computer Name

k.       Agent Required on All Configuration Manager Servers for Site Hierarchy Diagram Support

l.         SMS 2003 Tasks Appear in the Configuration Manager 2007 State View


Hope this quick synopsis helps for deploying ConfigMgr07 SP2 Management Pack.


Good Luck for ConfigMgr07 Monitoring!

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  2. At Microsoft IT, we have implemented lot of custom monitoring for ConfigMgr service and I am starting

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