Upcoming ConfigMgr07 topics from my blogging come back…

First of all I would like to answer that where I was so many days and why no updates and what’s next. Actually there have been many instances where I committed myself to come back for blogging with regular updates and sharing my ConfigMgr production experiences and stories. But unfortunately it did not happen as life at work & personal side was going very busy with planning, changes, releases  one after other and did not allowed to focus on my blogging. And after hrs. & weekend  I was busy with my new born cutie Eshaan and going through new parenting experiences…last facebook and twitter was also good excuse for the not being active in blogging.


Anyway coming back to the ConfigMgr07 topics, here is what you can expect in upcoming updates from my blogging…


·         Best Practices for deploying ConfigMgr07 Management Pack

·         How Microsoft IT is monitoring ConfigMgr07 hierarchy – a 360 degree approach

·         Implementing role based security model in ConfigMgr07 – Part 2

·         ConfigMgr07 SP2 upgrade experiences

·         Microsoft IT ConfigMgr07 Virtualization Story


Stay tuned for the updates..

Comments (2)

  1. Abhishek.Joshi says:

    Good topics..

    I am eager to see your upcoming blogs

  2. Tim Read says:

    I am also super-keen to see "Implementing role based security model in ConfigMgr07 – Part 2". I’m sure I’m not the only one who would find it fantastically useful!

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