WSUS 3.0 SP1 & Software update point upgrade in NLB for ConfigMgr07 SP1 upgrade pre-requisite

If you have ConfigMgr07 and Software update point (SUP) configured in NLB and now planning to upgrade to ConfigMgr SP1 then following are the steps I am proposing for the WSUS 3.0 SP1  upgrade for Software update point as one of the pre-requires for ConfigMgr SP1 upgrade. Also this is known issue with SP1 upgrade that it does not warn for WSUS 3.0 SP1 upgrade as pre-requisite check on remote SUP sites.


1.       Please ensure to go through this link. (Ensure that you have a correct NLB setup, if not then please STOP.  Because you might be in unsupported NLB scenario)

2.       Shutdown the NLB service

3.       Shutdown IIS (iisreset /stop) and the WSUS service (net stop wsusservice) on all frontends

4.       Ensure no other services are able to access the database during the upgrade window.  More details here on TechNet.

5.       Backup your database

6.       Upgrade each machine individually

a.       Wsussetup.exe /q /g

b.      Review setup logs to verify upgrade was successful

c.       Make sure that IIS and the WSUS Service are still stopped on this machine (upgrade likes to restart them)

d.      Proceed to the next machine

7.       Start IIS and WSUS service on all the frontends

8.       Start the NLB back up


Few observation which don’t matter:

·         Only one machine’s registry has the correct location for the content directory

o   This is the first frontend machine that you ran move content on

o   All other machines have local paths

o   This doesn’t matter because we never use this property for anything, upgrade just persists it in registry, and it is never rewritten back to the database during upgrade

o   The same condition exists even before you start the upgrade

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