Twitter Dishing Out 417 – Expectation Failed to .Net Clients

My little Twitter app was broke since past few days with error 417 – Expectation Failed. Infect most .Net apps calling Twitter APIs would be broken right now so I thought to write this up. This error is seemingly because Twitter servers have started rejecting Expect HTTP header with value “!00-Continue”. I’m not sure if…


Space Elevator Conference

They do have Space Elevator Conference, complete with a blog! Looks like MSR is participating too (Microsoft employees gets discount – just $225 for a ride of, uhm…, armchair presentations,  for now).


Why would you still get "Strong name validation failed"?

There are not many web pages mentioning this so I would just post this so it comes up in search. Having personally spent 4 hours tracking this little thing down, I would want anyone else to go through same :). So… if you are using delay signing, you will need to run the following command…


A quicker way to Twitter

Past weekend, I finally thought about giving Twitter a try and started looking for a client app that just allows me to very quickly update the status with a global keyboard shot cut. I’m not in to following anyone or replying anyone but wanted this very simple app with one text box. Apparently no such…


Run As… is back in Vista!

Yes, this dearly missed shell context menu item is now available again in Windows Vista, thanks to Mark Russinovich. This little new utility is a new addition to Sysinternals toolset and can be downloaded here. Just run ShellRunAs /reg to register context menu for Shell "Run as different user". This menu will then be available…


Phun With Physics Simulations

This addictive program can easily keep you busy for rest of the weekend so be careful :). Phun is a physics simulator that even kids can use and its absolutely a delight. I watched the video and had to immediately download to give it a try. At first the interface might seem not as easy…


Hello Word

Hello, I’m Shital Shah. I currently work with NGIM team at Microsoft as SDE. I intend to use my MSDN blog for mostly technology/programming related stuff with occasional detours :). Let me put out standard big disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are mine and not my employer or any teams at Microsoft. The…