CompUSA Gets a Business Intelligence Boost with ProClarity and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

CompUSA saw opportunity in the ability to be the first to recognize – and act on – fast-changing sales trends in the computer industry. The company required a data warehouse and BI system to link its disparate legacy databases, as well as a flexible, robust reporting system to provide analytics on a per-store, regional and national…


BI Home Runs

ComputerWorld features a series of stories of 15 organizations that use BI to make better business decisions. Especially interesting is the report on Virgin Entertainment Groups BI system. The system churns out analyses of sales data that store managers use to schedule associates who walk the floors. Sometimes, BI even dictates when these workers should…


Store Surveilance

Inventory shrinkage, a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error, cost United States retailers over $31 billion last year according to the latest National Retail Security Survey report on retail theft, which analyzed theft incidents from 118 of the largest U.S. retail chains. Recent articles  in BusinessWeek: The Five Finger Discount “…Industry estimates…


Smarter Shelf

Interesting article from RFID in Japan: The shelf monitors RFID tagged products and collects information about how many people stopped in front of a product, how many did not, how many times it was picked up by a customer and for how long. Other RFID related Information: Accenture and Microsoft Offer Technology Solutions For Smarter…


TabletKiosk launches UMPC model

  CPU Intel Pentium® M 1.0GHz w/ 2MB L2 cache System Memory 1 x SODIMM DDR2 Slot with 1024MB Hard Drive 1.8″ 60GB, 4,200 rpm VGA Chipset Intel 915GMS with Embedded 3D EngineDirectX 9 CompliantSupports Dual-Display Option with Cradle VGA Resolution 800×480 Native Zoom mode to display 800×600, 1024×600 Display Ultra Slim 7 ” TFT-LCD…


VoIP Meets RFID In a Japanese Dressing Room

From StorefrontBacktalk: Workers at the $8.5 billion retail Tokyo-based chain traditionally waited outside dressing rooms, listening for instructions to bring more clothes. In the new experimental system, the workers can stock shelves while waiting for their Voice-over-IP phone to ring and for the customer to ask for something. From Litescape, one of the Vendors involved…


Data Mining for the Retail Industry

Data Mining  is frequently described as “the process of extracting valid, authentic, and actionable information from large databases.” In other words, data mining derives patterns and trends that exist in data. These patterns and trends can be collected together and defined as a mining model. Mining models can be applied to specific business scenarios.  You can…


Podcast: Store of the Future

From Defining a good retail service experience is a challenge…especially in the store of the future. Find out how emerging technologies will translate into consumer satisfaction in the coming years, and why the cost-benefit analysis of certain technologies may fall short of retailers’ expectations.


Retail Industry Glossary: Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis is an algorithm that examines a long list of transactions in order to determine which items are most frequently purchased together. It takes its name from the idea of a person in a supermarket throwing all of their items into a shopping cart (a “market basket”). The results can be useful to…