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A Big THANK YOU to Audrey Piquemal for the collaboration and opportunity to keynote the G9+ Conference (Luxe et Digital : Réinventer les standards de l’expérience client) in Paris last week. My session was on IoT and how it impacts the Luxury Retail Sector. The conference had an interesting panel discussion that included panelists from L’Oreal, Modelab, FIFG, Club Med and Institut G9+. The highlights of the conversation and presentations were captured via Livetweets

Some of the topics that I referred to in my session included the IoT Project Gutenberg from Pernod Ricard. You can see the video at 

Image result for project gutenberg pernod ricard

I also referred to the interesting project where London Fashion designer, Martine Jarlgaard, partnered with the Fashion Innovation Agency and DoubleMe to bring her Spring/Summer 2017 collection to augmented reality. You can see the video at 

Image result for hololens

The CapsuleJIT project was another interesting conversation. Capsule Just in Time is a IoT project that manages the stock of coffee capsules through a mobile application that warns the user before the stock is empty. You can watch the video at 


In addition, we also discussed how retailers are getting innovative with personalization, using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. We explored the Hololens project at Lowes to get an understanding of how Lowes tackles personalization using Mixed Reality. You can see the video here:

Image result for lowes hololens

Fighting counterfeit goods is one of the most challenging problems facing the Luxury Retail World. We discussed how Blockchain and IoT has huge potential in battling counterfeiting.


Here are the slides from the session:

In addition to the presentation, I also participated in a video interview that can be viewed here: LINK

If you are heading over to the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2017 in January, make sure to visit us at the Microsoft Booth (Booth #2803). In our booth this year, you can step into a day-in-the-life of a digital shopping journey as you shop for apparel, experiencing first-hand how technology advancements like machine learning and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, conversational bots, artificial intelligence, beacons, recommendation engines, and mobile solutions, can make true retail personalization a reality.

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