Find the most Popular PowerMap videos using Power BI

The YouTube Analytics API lets you retrieve viewing statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information for YouTube videos and channels. Its an excellent way to analyze brand activity, likes and dislikes on YouTube. Power Query for Excel enables an easy way to acquire & transform the data for analysis. Power View for Excel is an excellent way to visualize the data. 

For working with YouTube data I experimented with the YouTube Data API (v2)

The query that I used for exploring the top Powermap for Excel videos: 

Once I acquired the data using Power Query for Excel, I used Power View to visualize the information and get some insights into the top few Power Map videos on Youtube. This is what the top 10 list looks like, sorted by Viewcount:


I used the average rating field to view & sort the top 10 videos. And these are the top rated Power Map videos on You Tube:


Sorting the data using the Likes and Dislikes, gives me this chart. The chart is sorted by Dislikes: the one with the most likes also has the most dislikes, though of course the dislikes are only a small fraction of the Likes that all the videos have.


Analyzing Youtube video viewcounts, likes and dislikes can provide some interesting analytics for Brands, especially when you can combine and correlate the data with other sources like sales, search, social media buzz using Excel Power BI.


So here are the Top 5 Power Map Videos by View Count

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