Accessing PowerBI Dashboards using Mobile

I recently blogged about using Bing Ads Intelligence to analyze Search trends for Outdoor Activities and visualize it using Power BI. The blog had an accompanying Power View visualization showing the search traffic for the different keywords as well as demographic and location drilldown of the search terms. See the blog at

I decided to test this dashboard on my mobile device (Nokia 920) to see if the visualization renders correctly. To do this I first created a QR Code for the link to the dashboard. The easy way of doing this was to first generate a bitly url for the link:

A really cool thing about Bitly links is that you can add .qrcode to the end of it as in to automatically generate a QR Code for it.

Here is the QR Code that I generated:


Scan the QR code with your phone and it will load the dashboard for you. I have tested this with a Nokia 920 and it works just great. I am curious about other mobile platforms and would love to hear from you.


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